Field Definition
Field Name Type Field Descriptionz
cdKey Integer Sequential Key Number
ent_num Integer Used to group related records
source String Government Agency
sourceId String Government Agency ID
Rec Type String Type of Record
Individual - Person Name
Entity - Company / Organization / Other
Vessel - Vessel Name
Air - Aircraft
add - Address
indEnt String Individual/Entity
type_sort Integer Sort Key
sourceEntNum String source and ent_num combined
from_file String Source File
program String Government Agency's Program Name
programAlt String Alternate Government Agency's Program Name
dateUpdate Date Date Record Updated 
dateUpdateString String Date Record Updated String
dateList Date Date listed
dateListString String Date listed String
The following fields contain the original data
with special char, extra spaces , etc removed
Alias Type String 'Also Known As' type
aka - Also Known As
nka - Now Known As
fka - Formerly Known As
entName String Entity Name
titleMain String Person's Title
firstName String Person's First Name
lastName String Person's Last Name
vesName String Vessel Name
vesType String Vessel Type
name String Entity OR First & Last Name OR Vessel Name
name_orig_script String Name in Country's original Script
address String Address (Number and Street)
city String City
zip String Postal Code
state String State/Prov
country String Country
citizenship String Primary Citizenship
citizenshipAlt String Alternate Citizenship Info
nationality String Primary Nationality
nationalityAlt String Alternate Nationality
dateBirth Date Date of Birth
dateBirthAlt Date Alternate Date of Birth
dateBirthString String Date of Birth String
placeBirth String Place of Birth
placeBirthAlt String Alternate Place of Birth
idType String Passport/National Id Card/Driver's License/Other
idInfo String Id Number
extLinks String Links to documents/websites
remarks String Remarks

The following fields contain the data in the original source format
(special char, extra spaces , etc have NOT been removed)
entNameOrig String  
firstNameOrig String  
lastNameOrig String  
nameOrig String  
vesNameOrig String  
addressOrig String  
cityOrig String  
zipOrig String  
stateOrig String  
countryOrig String  
citizenshipAltOrig String  
citizenshipOrig String  
dateBirthAltOrig String  
dateBirthStringOrig String  
extLinksOrig String  
idInfoOrig String  
idTypeOrig String  
nationalityAltOrig String  
nationalityOrig String  
placeBirthAltOrig String  
placeBirthOrig String  
remarksOrig String  
vesTypeOrig String  
dateListStringOrig String  
dateUpdateStringOrig String